Lord & Taylor new store opening rebranding project

Project Overview:
I was tasked with updating the iconic Lord & Taylor rose symbol and rebranding it's new store advertising properties. This was a complete 360 rebranding project which covered print, digital, broadcast media, and outdoor advertising placements. The new creative pieces was to be used repeatedly for all of the company' new store openings for the years to come.

Renew Lord & Taylor's rose symbol and 360 rebranding of the store opening collateral.

I started the project with concepting the flower design, did the shoot pre production like ordering the roses from Bolivia (because it was January and these rose were not available locally), and book the photo studio and set stylist.
The second stage was shooting the flowers myself in the studio, edit the images, supervise the retouching, and once the final retouched images came back, I laid out all the creatives using these flowers and apply the typography placements. The final stage was approving all the digital, print, and billboard 4 color separation for printing and hand offs.

Design project breakdown:

  • Update rose symbol
  • Create a digital presence for all L&T's new store listings in the form of dedicated informative landing pages
  • Design the new store-related digital emails, banners, and in-store displays
  • Design and over see the outdoor advertising collateral and approve the 4 color separations for billboard and mallscape art pieces
  • Create promo mailers, elevator and escalator wall panel sticker sheets, parking lot trolley car's side panel sticker sheets, public transport advertising posters, and store opening invites
  • Other extra promotional posters and give aways that are related to the store opening events
  • ClientLord & Taylor
  • IndustryDepartment Store
  • DesignsPhotography, website, banners, emails, billboards, wallscape and public transport poster ads
  • Websitewww.lordandtaylor.com


landing pages

mobile applications

mobile applications